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Most Americans maintain a state of ignorance regarding congressional voting records until election season comes around. Three out of every four years, the population is quite disconnected from what’s happening in Washington. However, sudden concern over issues surface in that fourth year. When it’s time to elect a new president, television commercials, newspapers, and ads on the internet attempt to sway voters in a certain direction. If the presidential candidates have served in office before, their voting history is always a central issue. Why, as a whole, do we only care during election season and why do we only care about the president? There are hundreds of men and women running for office every election who have just as much say in the laws of the nation as the president, and finding their voting patterns is not as hard as you might think.

The United States’ government is a rare system in which the average citizen can actively participate, voice their disappointment, and cause change in the entire scheme. Since its enactment, the checks and balances of the three part government have preserved the alliance between the elected representatives of the republic and the civilians they promise to protect. There are no kings or queens, no dictators, and no prime ministers to rule their will over the American people, and the United States has always taken pride in that. In fact, the constitution even encourages rebellion if elected officials abuse the power bestowed unto them. But, how do we know when the government is overstepping its bounds? is a website that allows anyone to look up any member of congress and check not only their voting habits, but also their approval rating, and even bills they’ve personally sponsored. It’s efficiently organized and much easier than tuning into C-SPAN 24/7.

Why is it important to be conscious of congressional voting patterns? As citizens of the United States, we have a duty to hold our government to high standards, keep them in line, and contain their influential reach. We are lucky to live in a national that values basic human rights, but if we aren’t careful, those rights could swiftly diminish without proper accountability. Adolf Hitler once said, “What good fortune for those in power that people do not think.” If we stay unaware of the voting patterns of congress, representatives can become more corrupt and may pass laws that the majority of the population does not agree with. Or, a person running as one party could take the opposite side on every issue once they’re voted in, effectively deceiving voters to secure his job and his interests. Accountability of our government starts with citizens actively following their delegate’s voting habits.

To maintain our unique system of government and protect our civil liberties, we have to take notice of our elected officials. Knowing the congressional voting records is imperative for making wise choices this election season, locally and federally. With congressional details centralized onto one website, there are no more excuses for ignorance this year. Get informed and take back your government America.