Track congress and discover how they voted

Track Congress and Learn About Their Votes Regarding Individual Bills

In today’s America, the political establishments are more concerned with monetary benefits rather than the interests of the people. This is why we need a congress vote tracker to hold our state Congressmen accountable for their actions in the Congress. The framework of our Congress and democracy has undergone a huge amount of change ever since President Lincoln’s famous “government of the people, by the people and for the people” address in Gettysburg. However, it looks like these words by our celebrated President Lincoln don’t hold good anymore.

Americans today have arguably forgotten the very meaning of democracy. Democracy isn’t just about voting rights or occasional outburst against unfair policies in the social media. It’s about active participation in the law-making process that impacts our day-to-day life as well. Fixing the present scenario and bring back the “of, by and for” aspect of our democracy is the need of the hour. The process of fixing our democracy lies in is undoubtedly a long-haul marathon. But, we have to start somewhere and tracking how our Congress votes on legislations is a good starting point.

The following points will illustrate the importance of tracking how the Congress Votes on Legislation:

Participation in the law-making process

The concept of democracy lies in the active participation of the people in the law-making and governing process. But, that has long been forgotten. However, if you want a greater say in the law-making process, we, the citizens need to track and analyze how our state Congressmen is voting in the Congress. As informed citizens, it will be possible to confront and express our disappointment in the event of our Congressman’s vote being detrimental to our interests. A Congress vote tracker where citizens can track, analyze and act is the perfect step towards promoting the participation of the masses in the law-making process.

Holding your State Congressman accountable

Making a promise is one thing, keeping it is another. When it’s about voting in the Congress, you need to find out whether or not your Congressman has kept his or her word. But, how do you find that out if you aren’t aware of their voting pattern? It goes without saying that tracking how the Congress votes on legislation are important to know how true the promises and statements made by them were. If we feel something isn’t right and our representative’s vote on legislations doesn’t echo our sentiments, we can contact our Congressman and make sure our voice is heard.

Be well-informed citizens

Informed citizens who are aware of the socio-political scenario are the key to a healthy democracy. By tracking how the Congress votes on legislations, you will be able to know how the bills and laws impact your day-to-day lives. You can also influence the decision makers if you aren’t particularly happy with the way your congressman voted. Knowing how the Congress votes on legislations will enable you to educate fellow Americans and drum up support in case you are looking to express dissent and influence the law-makers.