Senate Votes – Track and discover how your USA Senator votes.

Tracking Senate Votes using

Do you ever wish there was an easier way to track recent senate votes than watching C-SPAN all day?  At you can search any senator and investigate their votes on recent bills and issues that are important to you. You can search the website for representatives based on name, party, or time in office, click on the representative you want to examine, and their page will show you their approval rating, individual website information, which bills they’ve sponsored, and their decision on each issue they have voted on.

Together, We Can Hold The US Senate Accountable

For instance, you could look up Colorado Senator Michael Bennet and see that in June 2015 he voted for the USA Freedom Act, which eventually became a law. The USA Freedom Act allows the FBI to obtain business records, similar to how they obtain phone records, for protecting against and preventing international and domestic acts of terrorism. This would be a point of interest to business owners in the United States, and many probably did not know that this was something being voted on. There are many bills like this one that affect Americans nationwide, but many Americans feel powerless to either support or oppose them.

Real Time Supervision of the US Senate allows the public to supervise the senate on these issues so that voters can make educated and informed decisions about who to vote for come election season. If you feel your representative isn’t accurately representing you, remove them from office. If they are voting in the interest of the people of your community, vote them in again. We may not have a say in the ultimate decisions congress makes, but we do have a say in who’s in that congressional seat.

Another useful feature of the website allows the public to communicate with their senators on which bills the people oppose and support. For example, the USA Freedom Act only had a 16% approval rate from 527 site users. Sure, that’s not all of America being polled, but with only 16% in support, it’s a wonder how congress thought this bill was a good representation of the public’s interest.

There have been many bills like this one that were passed without the public’s approval, and it’s time to put an end to congressional domination. As supervisors of the government, the American people can track recent senate votes and decide who goes and who stays come November. Technology and websites like allow our voices to be heard easier than ever before, simplify the research process into our congressmen and women, and puts power back into the hands of American citizens. The government’s job is to protect and serve its citizens. Our job is to make sure the government is acting in the best interest of the people and not abusing their power. It’s time we hold congress accountable to us and stand up for what we want. We don’t have to put up with 16% approval rates anymore. Get informed. Research the votes. Make an educated decision about who is going to represent you this election by tracking congressional votes.