Learn how they voted, hold congress accountable today!

How They Voted, Real Time Congress Tracking

Wouldn’t it be nice if every year congressmen and women sent you a neat and orderly printout of exactly how they voted on every issue during those past 12 months? While congress might be busy enough to do that exactly, the website 4us.com has compiled this information for the American people because they believe tracking congress’ voting habits is essential for making your voice count and causing real change in this world. Every election year it seems more and more Americans feel less involved in the choices of their government and don’t know how to voice their opinions without just plain running for office themselves. The truth is, our government is for the people and by the people. We aren’t slaves to the government. Congress works for us. Isn’t it time we take responsibility for the state of our country and hold our representatives accountable?

Hold Congress Accountable Easily, and in Real Time

The only way we can be sure our representatives are truly representing us is by following their voting patterns. Maybe you like to see your representative vote differently on different issues because to you that shows they took time to study the issue instead of just voting however else the rest of their party voted. Or, maybe you want to depend on your representative voting the same side every time. However you decide if congress is doing a good or bad job, the first step is to track their votes. You can look up representatives on 4us.com either by name, party, or year in office and investigate how they voted on recent issues. The website simplifies the process of congressional accountability by gathering every vote to one place and allowing the public to view each representative objectively based on their voting habits.

The second step to holding congress accountable is firing and rehiring the “employees”. If a representative is not voting properly on issues you believe are best for the public, fire them by voting in someone else the next election. If your representative is doing a great job, rehire them by voting them back in. It’s time we take back control of the government and hold our representatives accountable for their choices.

Representatives are supposed to represent the people, but how do we know if they’re representing us and how do they know they are accurately representing our wants and needs? 4us.com has a tool on their website that allows the public to share their opinions on bills so that your representative knows what you want. It’s easier and more efficient than writing letters to congress and more accurate than signature petitions, which often include many fake names.

Stop taking a back seat to the decisions of government and add your voice to the outcome.

With the technology available today and websites like 4us.com, there is no reason why we can’t make educated and responsible decisions regarding our representatives. It’s time we start paying attention to our employees, voicing our opinions, and minding how well congress is representing us. Our job is an important one—making sure our government is for the people and by the people. Let’s ensure we keep it that way.